Solving the complexity of cyber security- Our Story !!

While technology had long embraced convergence, Cyber Security unfortunately is laden with countless products each trying to address a part of the problem. But, none that can stand out and assure complete protection to businesses. Here was the most pressing problem staring right at us, the biggest challenge for today’s enterprise. With a proven expertise to solve some of the most complex cyber cases for the most elite bodies of the world, this was our calling.

BREACH. The very word spells everything that is BAD. But give it a thought..what is its target at the end of the day ?? It’s the GOOD that resides inside of any machine. Because that’s what is CORE to the organizations. Isn’t it then Logical to ‘PROTECT THE CORE’ instead of trying to STOP the BAD from compromising the GOOD.

This basic flip of thought as our guiding principle, we embarked on building a Technology that would be a GAME CHANGER for the Industry and DISRUPTIVE enough to assure Complete Security to businesses from attacks that are both known and unknown. ‘Cyber Security in its superlative Avatar’.

And ‘RADAR360’ is our response to this CYBER CONUNDRUM !!

RADAR360 - Attacks Thwarted to Date


0-Day Exploits


File Based Attacks


Drive By Downloads


AV By Pass Attacks


Insider Trust Breach


USB-1 Click Attacks


Social Engineering Attacks


Data Theft


White Listed Command misuse



Our key Offerings

On Premise


Critical Security Consulting

What Makes Us Different

8x Core Layer Protection Rings

With 8 level Core Layer Protection Rings, RADAR360 assures Complete Protection to Businesses.

100% Sensor Coding in C, C++

With entire coding done in C and C++, it Allows for Negligible Resource Utilization at End Point.


Every Business works differently. Count on us to customize security as per your business logic.

Unified Solution

Completely Eliminates Multi Product Environment and the inefficiencies related to cost, time and effort.

Patch Free

Yes, you’ve heard it right. With our Revolutionary Virtual Patching at the Kernel level, you are no more required to patch your systems & apps ever again.

Self Sustained Sensor

A Signatureless sensor that Non Intrusive vis a vis the existing Security landscape, RADAR360 runs without any updates, Cloud TI,AI or MLG Etc.

Contextual Behaviour Analysis

Each system is meant for running few business logics, Only the business administrators/owners know what exactly is the context of that, RADAR360 gives that flexibility to define and protect.

Legacy Systems Protection

Complete Protection for even the most vulnerable, Legacy Systems-Windows XP OS Version for Desktops and Windows 2003 for Server Class.

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