RADAR360: Protecting the Nations Critical Infrastructure-AIRPORTS !!

Airports and Air Traffic networks, undoubtedly are considered the Critical National Infrastructure(CNI) for any country and their Business Continuity is the very lifeline and a matter of National Credibility as the Global Aviation eco system in turn is inter-dependant and coordinated.

Aviation Industry is truly what accelerates movement, of people and goods and therefore represents economic opportunity and global continuity. Given the mammoth giant that it is, the global aviation industry, with a complex and fast paced network consisting of multiple tenants, vendors,3rd party applications, legacy systems and massively HUMAN intensive, Airports present a perfect landscape to launch advanced cyber attacks.

And given the recent advancements in Cyber Warfare, should there be anything that can bring it down to its knees , its going to be a CYBER ATTACK and that would mean not just economic implications but irreparable reputational loss too.

The CYBER DEFENCE MECHANISM therefore would have to include TECHNOLOGY that’s on ground DISRUPTIVE. Something that’s non intrusive and non impacting from an end user experience perspective and runs independent of existing product landscape, yet delivers on ROI.

Precisely why some of the Busiest and most awarded Airports in Asia chose RADAR360 for our unique Customization expertise.

This includes:

  • The 1st of its kind work around that covered the most vulnerable legacy systems viz Windows XP desktops and 2003 Servers.
  • An integrated solution that covered the cloud infrastructure covering various stakeholders in the eco system, with dashboards unique to each of them.
  • Centralized intelligence and protection dashboard established in AOCC (Airport Operational Control Centre) to align the SOP’s of the respective Airport functions in case of Cyber attacks

The Protection levels span across following critical systems:

  • Baggage Handling system (BHS) of Servers and systems
  • Baggage reconciliation system (BRS)
  • Passenger Boarding System
  • Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS)
  • Gate Operating System (GOS)
  • Fire Detection System (Servers)
  • SCADA (Servers)
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Video Management System (VMS)
  • Common User Passenger Processing System (CUPPS)
  • Common User Self Service
  • Airport Operational Control Centre (AOCC)
  • Security Operational Control Centre (SOCC)
  • Emergency Management Centre (EMC)
  • Airside operational management Centre
  • Airline Ticket counters
  • Point of Sales (POS) – Retailers, F&B
  • Ground Handler Systems
  • Cargo Systems
  • First Station
  • Maintenance Repair & Overhauling (MRO)
  • Back-office Systems
  • CAR parking System
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