BFSI as a domain, the world over has been the early adaptor of Technology in its run up to create a seamless experience to its customer. While this has served them well in terms of accelerated customer acquisition and revenues, it has left them with sunken costs in hugely stacked product posture on REACTIVE Technologies that at the end of the day do not lend that much desired sense of Complete Security.

This very REACTIVE nature of the existing technologies for long has created a complex eco system of multiple products and solutions across layers with associated pain points like the need for massive computing resources due to the heavy footprint, huge resource deployment for Regular PATCH Management of thousands of end points spread across geographies, requirement of expensive technical resources to manage the overall show. Add to this the rapid adoption of Mobile for financial transactions and the advent of fintech, the level playing field has moved digital with data ubiquity and its access, control and ownership spread across multiple touch points in the organization.

For the sheer reason that the financial businesses deal with personally identifiable information of its customers, they have been the target of varied sophisticated attacks by Cyber Criminals who are constantly driven by motives such as financial gain, hactivism, corporate espionage or even worse terrorism.

With the average cost of a single data breach hitting a whopping 3.2$ Million USD, besides the larger issues of Organizational Reputation loss, Lost Customer Trust, Expensive law suits and the massive Recovery time for business normalcy.

It is hence imminent that the future of Finance and Cyber Security are inter locked and it is imperative that there be a technology that is culturally and ideologically a paradigm shift from the existing mind set of Reactive Defense. In other words, PROACTIVE PROTECTION is the need of the hour.

Welcome to RADAR 360 , the 1st of its kind integrated security suite that not only renders PROACTIVE PROTECTION, but also delivers on ROI with efficiencies of TIME,EFFORT,COST,PEOPLE and PRODUCTIVITY.

Some of the world’s leading financial groups have deployed RADAR360 for its Unique abilities listed below:

  1. Offers a true sense of Complete Protection from the likes of 0-day,Insider Trust Breach, Unknown Attacks and processor based vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre as well.

  2. 1st of its kind PATCHFREE solution that saves time, effort and cost of resources for patch management.

  3. Strikingly ultra light weight at just 15MB RAM with an overall CPU Utilization of under 1% and 30MB HDD space that delivers cost efficiencies on computing resources and power.

  4. 1st in its class to offer protection for end points across all Windows OS platforms right from legacy OS like Windows XP to 2016 versions. Millions of ATMs out there are still on legacy OS that can be protected with RADAR360.

  5. End User Cyber Knowledge Agnostic that’s non impacting on customer experience and non intrusive from existing security product stand point.

  6. Single Sensor that technically replaces most of the existing Defense-in Depth security products like AV, EDR, IDS, IPS, HIPS, Sandbox, SIEM, WSUS, Hardening Efforts, VA, PT, SOC Operations and Technical Audits. Cyber Security in its most simplified form leading to huge cost savings.

  7. A Self Sustained Sensor that works without any Signatures, Updates,AI,TI or MLG etc

  8. Incredibly automated Centralized Dashboard that allows for Complete Visibility, Control and Management of the end point at the organizational level from the central location. No Need to deploy/depend on local resources to manage the infrastructure.

  9. Comprehensive reporting from compliance stand point besides ‘on the fly’ forensics analysis.

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