RADAR360 is the first of its kind Integrated Cyber Security Offering that delivers efficiencies of time, effort and cost by eliminating the multi product environment, patch management activities, VA & PT and Complex Audits besides lending Assured Business Continuity, Protected Assets and Continued Customer Trust.Read on to know how some of the most security sensitive customers are secured with RADAR360.



Airports and Air Traffic networks, undoubtedly are considered the Critical National Infrastructure(CNI) for any country and their Business Continuity is the very lifeline and a matter of National Credibility as the Global Aviation eco system in turn is inter-dependant and co-ordinated and therefore cannot afford the possibility of even a single PC hack.

Some of the World’s Leading Airports count on us to defend them against the most sophisticated attacks.

Nuclear Energy:

Some of the world class fusion scientists and magnet engineers are sweating it out to ensure clean and sustainable energy for all. High Performance Computing drives and complements the years of continuous R&D that Nuclear Scientists put in and its out-right Classified.

Our Disruptive Technology protects the Intellectual Core of Some of the Global Nuclear Giants.


World over the Financial Business Community is mulling over the advanced cyber attacks aimed at Data Thefts, looking for an Integrated Cyber Security Solution that not only assures complete protection but also delivers on the ROI.

Our Kernel level Core Layer Protection Rings safeguard the leading financial groups from all known and unknown attacks.

Smart Cities:

As govt’s gear up for the coming rush on IOT, cyber defense capabilities of the public authorities ought to be top notch to ensure monitoring of public safety and public assets at large.

We partnered Some of World’s Largest Smart City Surveillance projects to bolster their Cyber Defense against attacks of any nature/scale.

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