No More 0-Day Exploits. Defeat all Cyber Attacks.

A computer operation can be useful in one context but it can be a part of Cyber-attack in another.

Fully configurable algorithms define & protect the context aware good behaviour and block the rest.

One size doesn’t fit all!
So why expect that same set of signatures and analytics will understand and protect all your environments?

  • Cognore’s centrally managed light weight kernel level sensor equipped with advanced algorithms allow you to define what is “The Good” behaviour in your environment and block the rest. Several protection rings are implemented to protect “The Good” being compromised.

  • Fully configurable engine conduct deep analysis of computer core functions to protect against all unknowns and known cyber attacks. Custom profiles as per the business needs give 100% confidence to business owners & users.
  • [ Cognore Value-Add ]

    Unpatched and legacy endpoint protection

    • Complete protection even for vulnerable applications and unpatched systems
    • Defend against 0-day and unknown cyber-attacks

    Simplify and consolidate security

    • Includes many endpoint & network layer features, such as: AV, Host FW, HIPS, FIM, Hardening, SIEM etc
    • No more False -ves or False +ves alerts - Complete deterministic approach
    • No need to spend time on analysing millions of logs for IOC

    Protect endpoints in foreign/untrusted environments

    • Protection rings for systems deployed in foreign/untrusted networks
    • Customization of features as per business requirements

    Incident response, containment and forensics

    • Complete visibility for forensics analysis on the fly
    • Generate detailed links of suspicious activities
    • Real time analysis of behavioral changes of system
    • Alert and auto terminate the suspicious activities

    Complete protection from Insider threats

    • Restrict users (including administrators) activity to context aware deterministic behaviour
    • Spear-phishing based Cyber-attack prevention

    Security without sacrificing privacy

    • No need to send your data to cloud for AI, MLG, Analytics based Cybersecurity protection
    • Will work without any signatures, updates, cloud, AI and MLG - Self sustained sensor on endpoints
    • No need to read/open any files , 100% Privacy compliant