“DOES RADAR360 protect systems from the recent exploits like Meltdown and Spectre ??”

It’s a resounding YES!!

RADAR360 as a technology is built on the radical ideology of ‘PROTECTING THE GOOD CORE SYSTEM BEHAVIOUR at KERNEL LEVEL’, and everything else is treated as UNKNOWN and INSTANTLY blocked/killed and alerted.

Ultimately there are ONLY 3 WAYS that any attack can happen:

PROCESS: It has to run as a process.

MODULE: A new or modified module has to inject into the existing process.

MEMORY: A NEW SHELL CODE has to get into the same process using BO, ROP, RCE.

RADAR360 controls these 3 at the ROOT LEVEL (KERNEL & USER SPACE). Therefore even UNKNOWN and UNSEEN ATTACKS including 0-DAY, File-less memory based exploits do not stand a chance against ‘RADAR360’.

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