Talk of a Nations Critical Assets and Nuclear Systems will figure amongst the top quartile. With its multi faceted role in terms of its service to a nation, right from meeting the obligations on power generation, contributing to the country’s Nuclear capability and finding solutions to some of the most complex problems facing mankind. Anything associated with Nuclear Industry is outright classified and these very attributes make it a prime target for Cyber Attacks.

A multi-billion dollar domain that was thought of as ‘Unpenetrable’ until recently, most nations are now waking up to the reality of advanced cyber attacks on Nuclear facilities and are hurrying up on bolstering their cyber defense considering that the domain is relatively on legacy infrastructure, at the same time opening itself up to digitization. Either ways it would mean its defense strategy need to be spot on as critical domains such as these cannot afford the luxury of probability of even a minor compromise, given the absolute high stakes.

On the flip side, the worst nightmare however could be a blended attack of its command control and communication system, that could not only have widespread ramifications on public at large but could cripple a nation multi fold-Billions of Investment gone down the drain, surplus investment on disaster recovery, slew of expensive legal suits and erosion of public confidence on govts.

Understandably why some of the best names in this security sensitive domain chose RADAR360 for its unparalleled value proposition of PROACTIVE DEFENSE and ALERTING of/against the most sophisticated attack vectors like Zero-Day, Insider Trust Breaches and Unknown Attacks across the most vulnerable and Legacy systems

A Unified Security Suite like no other, it offers a host of distinct features, all embedded into a single sensor that’s:


  2. Ultra Light Weight

  3. Customizable

  4. Unified

  5. End User Cyber Knowledge Agnostic

  6. Non Intrusive

  7. Compliant &

  8. Incredibly Automated

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