Assured Peace of Mind
Against Known & Unknown Cyber Threats


  • 20+ World’s finest engineering brains with ONE Mission | 400 years of collective security expertise with ONE Goal | 1000+ days of unrelenting R&D effort with ONE Vision | & An Undying Spirit | is US
  • Well that’s what we are- A DISRUPTIVE Product R&D Company in Stealth Mode having developed a first ever Technology that hardens the cyber walls of our world strong enough to be ‘UNHACKABLE’ without having to PATCH ever again once deployed.
  • A DEFENSE GRADE, Comprehensive Cyber Security suite that is AV,HOST FW,IPS, FIM,SIEM all packed into one sensor, that hardens systems against known and Unknown attacks
  • Currently used by some of the most security sensitive businesses like BFSI, Aviation, Nuclear Energy, Telecom and Smart City with ZERO compromise to date
  • Works on the core principle of
    -- Allows ONLY context aware White-listed Behaviour
    -- And Algorithms to protect allowed processes using deep attack chain analysis
  • Cognore also offers SOC and incident response “Security as a Service” to continuously conduct behavioural analysis and protect against known and unknown attacks
  • Customization of sensor and features as per business requirements