Here’s a quick look at how RADAR360 is radically unique vis-a -vis the existing Defense-in-Depth security products:
Protection RADAR360 Other DiD Products
Mode Completely Proactive, therefore lends a sense of 100% Security Signature & Known behavioral pattern detection Based, hence mostly REACTIVE
Attack Vector Protects against 3 of the Biggest attacks-0 Day, Insider Attacks and Unknown attacks inc Memory based exploits The REACTIVE nature of the Existing Defence-in-Depth products prevent them for safeguarding against these sophisticated attacks
Technology RADAR360 Other DiD Products
Core Philosophy Based on the core logic of PROTECTING THE GOOD CORE SYSTEM BEHAVIOUR, rest all is Unknown, therefore Blocks/terminate at kernel/User space Level [ Protection in its SUPERLATIVE FORM] Runs after/tries to find the BAD behavior using Signature, Cloud Analytics, AI, MLG etc
Product Uniqueness RADAR360 Other DiD Products
Patch Management Revolutionary Kernel level virtual patching technology ensures the systems are not required to be patched ever again ( gives good lead time to test and apply needed only) PATCHING is a must and one of the biggest pain areas that’s not just laborious but also involves massive amount of time, effort and money.
Foot Print Strikingly Ultra Light Weight at just 15-20MB RAM USAGE Consumes huge computing resources, average of 20% and upwards
Resource Consumption With 100% of sensor code written in C & C++, it allows for Benchmarking’ ly Negligible CPU Utilization of under 1 % with HDD space consumption of 30MB Network Bandwidth is just limited to alerts reporting to dashboard( configurable) Consumes huge computing resources, average of 20% and upwards
Customization/TAT Ability to Offer complete security customization as per Organizational business logic in the least possible time No much Customization
Legacy & Un-patched Systems Protection 1st of its kind to offer complete protection to the most vulnerable and legacy systems - Windows XP and Windows 2003 for Server class or old Windows legacy Embedded OS This is One of the Biggest concerns for legacy verticals/firms in BFSI, Pharma /Manufacturing etc which is a major exploit
Complete Deterministic Approach No false +ve or False -ve
Ease of Admin/Control RADAR360 Other DiD Products
Contextual Behavior Analysis Revolutionary Kernel level virtual patching technology ensures the systems are not required to be patched ever again ( gives good lead time to test and apply needed only)Monitor real time changes in Files, Processes, Memory Leakages, Network Connections, Registry, USN Interface, Hardware Changes and OS Configuration, that lends complete flexibility to the businesses owner or administrator to define and protect
Self Sustained Sensor Signature-less, That works without any Signatures, Updates, Cloud AI,TI and MLG etc, Completely Signature Based, resulting in a complex, multi product environment shooting up the cost of ownership.
Non Intrusive Completely Non Intrusive from end user experience Stand point. Runs as a service in the background (without any icons/pop- ups) Independent of existing security product landscape & can co-exits with any other products
End User Cyber Knowledge Agnostic The very premise on which RADAR360 is designed ensures that Technology overrides the human element and therefore is totally neutral to the cyber security knowledge of end user.
RADAR360 is the first of its kind Integrated Cyber Security Offering that delivers enormous efficiencies of - TIME / EFFORT / RESOURCES / PRODUCTIVITY / COST
  1. PROACTIVE PROTECTION: Built on the radical idea of “Protecting the GOOD/CORE system behavior at kernel level” based on “Context aware deterministic approach”, the technology is truly one of its kind that assures PROACTIVE-SUPERLATIVE PROTECTION.
  2. Multi- Product Environment- Technically Replaces AV, EDR, IDS, IPS, HIPS, Sandbox, SIEM, WSUS, Hardening Efforts, VA, PT, SOC Operations and Technical Audits.
  3. PATCH Management- Our Revolutionary “Virtual Patching at Kernel level” ensures freedom from PATCH MAAGEMENT allowing for HUGE Savings of time/effort and cost associated with it.
  4. SOC Operations- Owing to its PROACTIVE mode of Protection and Automated Security functionality, expensive IT resources otherwise allocated for SOC Level Operations can be replaced. This translates to direct cost savings.
  5. VAPT- Routine checks of Vulnerability Assessments and Pen Testing activities that are highly cost ridden are no longer required as they are in-built, default functionalities of Radar360.
  6. Resource Utilization- Negligible Resource Utilization in terms of computing power and Bandwidth translates to efficient system performance leading to overall organizational productivity.
  7. End User Cyber Training- No More cost to be incurred on insanely expensive Cyber Security trainings for the end users. Radar360 is designed in a way that is agnostic to the end user knowledge of cyber security.
  8. Centralized Dashboard- Incredibly Automated, the platform allows for complete management and control via the centralized dashboard.

“Businesses right now are all about CUSTOMER TRUST as that’s the key business driver. In the run up to this race of gaining customer trust, businesses that are CYBER SECURED are the ones to sustain.

COGNORE’s RADAR360 delivers Assured Business Continuity, Protected Intellectual Property, Organizational Reputation and Continued Customer Trust”.

“DOES RADAR360 protect systems from the recent exploits like Meltdown and Spectre ??”

It’s a resounding YES!!

RADAR360 as a technology is built on the radical ideology of ‘PROTECTING THE GOOD CORE SYSTEM BEHAVIOUR at KERNEL LEVEL’, and everything else is treated as UNKNOWN and INSTANTLY blocked/killed and alerted.

Ultimately there are ONLY 3 WAYS that any attack can happen:

PROCESS: It has to run as a process.

MODULE: A new or modified module has to inject into the existing process.

MEMORY: A NEW SHELL CODE has to get into the same process using BO, ROP, RCE.

RADAR360 controls these 3 at the ROOT LEVEL (KERNEL & USER SPACE). Therefore even UNKNOWN and UNSEEN ATTACKS including 0-DAY, File-less memory based exploits do not stand a chance against ‘RADAR360’.

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