RADAR360- Bolstering the Cyber Defense of Worlds largest smart cities:

Confleunce of People and devices in millions, State of the art Command and Control Centre replete with SCADA and IOT platforms, Video Analytics, DC-DR set up, tons of sensitive information flow- SMART CITIES present a perfect landscape for launching Advanced Cyber Attacks with disastrous ramifications on Public Information Systems, Traffic management, E & M-Governance, Citizen Safety etc, in the event of a compromise.

With some of the world’s largest cities embarking on smart city initiatives, there’s an ever growing need for the most resilient cyber security solution ever.

As a proven solution across some of the world’s largest smart city projects, we’ve not just delivered on Superlative Protection, but went much beyond to the delight of our customers. Today, these global smart cities are completely protected by our Revolutionary RARAD360 Cyber Security solution, with their mission critical servers and end points configured with Protection mode to instantly thwart any advanced cyber attack with comprehensive reporting for ‘on the fly’ forensic analysis.

RADAR360 has partnered some of the Largest Smart City projects across the globe delivering the below advantages to the customer:

  • Complete Protection from the most sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • An absolute PATCHFREE environment.
  • Remarkable improvement in overall system performance with negligible resource utilization.
  • Zero Dependency on Expensive Cyber Security resource as RADAR360 as a technology automates almost everything.
  • No more scope for Insider Attacks. RADAR360 as a technology is designed to completely over ride the human element, agnostic to the cyber knowledge of end user.
  • Complete Monitoring and control on 3rd party vulnerabilities and outsourced IT resources.
  • No periodical VAPT for Vulnerability assessment as it’s a default feature of RADAR360.
  • Huge cost savings to the customer with significant ROI.

RADAR 360 -Performance Score Card on Critical Parameters:

Description Results
CPU Utilization Under 1%
Memory Utilization 15-20 MB Max
Network Utilization per Endpoint or Server 10kb / sec
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