RADAR360-Protection Layers

Freeze Mode Activate

- Good Only Runs Always

Module Protection

- Complete System Level DLL protection

File Trust Based

- Process, Module, Blacklist

Process Tree Sanitization

- What Runs Where Control

Firewall @ Process Level

- IP,Port,Protocol Control@Process

Rings Around Each Process

- Event/Kill/Block

File Driver

– Protect Data Access at Process Level

Complete Customization

– As per Business Needs

Key Benefits

First time ever in the world. Patch free, Ultra lite weight at less than 15MB Ram Usage

Offers True sense of 100% security

Protects against insider threats including IT administrators

Legacy and unpatched systems protection

Spear-phishing attack prevention

Includes many endpoint security features, such as, AV, Host FW, IPS, FIM, SIEM etc

Protect systems deployed in a foreign/untrusted network

Real time analysis of behavioral changes of system

Alert and auto terminate the suspicious activities at kernel/root level

Customization of features as per business requirements

Complete visibility for forensics analysis on the fly

Generate detailed links of suspicious activities

No False -ve or False +ve alerts - complete deterministic approach

Will work without any signatures, updates, cloud TI, AI & MI etc - Self sustained sensor on endpoints

Endpoints Protected From

[ Core Technology & Benefits ]

  • Traditional endpoint protection techniques will try to find BAD behaviour (using signature, cloud analytics, AI, MLG etc).
  • Cognore flipped the model that allows and protects GOOD Core system behaviour including Files, Processes, Memory/buffer space, Network Connections etc.
  • Algorithms deployed using a local software sensor agent running at kernel & User Space (20MB RAM, < 1% CPU, 30MB Disk).
  • Bespoke algorithms configuration based on computer functions provide deep visibility, analysis and protection.
  • Designed for central control through cloud or on premise setup.
  • No need to patch the protected computers - Protection against Zero day.
  • Check against more than 60+ AV systems and also option to define in-house developed applications trust.
  • Network firewalls only allow and inspect GOOD – similar approach used by Cognore on endpoints by deep analysis.
  • Cognore solves two big cyber security issues , * Unknown, 0-Day Exploits & *Insider Trust Breach .

Contextual Behaviour Analysis

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