Central Control Through Cloud or On-Premise Setup


Cognore delivers Cyber Security technology and services equipped with advanced technique algorithms that conduct deep analysis of computer core functions to protect against cyber-attacks using a light weight OS level kernel based sensor experience.

Allow only context aware determinstic behaviour

  • Traditional endpoint protection techniques try to find BAD behaviour (using signature, cloud analytics, AI, MLG etc.)
  • Cognore flipped the model that allows and protects only “THE GOOD” Core system behaviour and blocks the rest
  • Makes endpoints resilient against all attacks by allowing only context aware deterministic behaviour using kernel-level algorithms that goes away beyond application whitelisting
  • Protection Rings are implemented around all allowed computer functions using context aware deep analysis to protect aganist known, unknown and insider atatcks

Profile -> Analyse-> Protect

  • Profile:The sensor is deployed in "Profile" mode providing a detailed 360 degree analysis of normal computer operations and behavior
  • Analyse: Normal is not always good. The advance algorithms and built-in protection ring rules highlight suspicious activities, and detailed visibility allows analysts to define what is Good and what is Unknown
  • Protect: The profiles configured from Profile and Analyse modes are used by the sensor to detect and block anomalous behavior at kernel level and protect the good computer functions using protection rings

Performance and flexibility

  • Light weight sensor (max 20mb RAM, <1% CPU, 30bm Disk)
  • Bespoke algorithms configuration based on computer functions provide deep visibility, analysis and protection
  • Can be deployed as a self-sustained sensor – No need of signature updates or cloud connectivity for Artificial intelligence, Analytics and Machine learning
  • Designed for central control through cloud and on premise setup